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Work At Picnic

Work At Picnic

We are proud of what we’ve created, and we want our employees to feel the same way. We want to create a fun working environment that teaches them life skills, builds confidence, boosts self esteem, and makes them feel like they matter…because they do!

Down the road, we want every person who worked at Picnic to remember the lessons and skills that they acquired from their days spent with us, and the fun they had while doing it! It’s not about the sandwich; it’s about the people. And our people matter!

Work At Picnic

Are you ...

  • Passionate about good food and amazing customer service?
  • Think you are a rock star barista?
  • Got some serious chef skills?

If you think you’ve got what it takes – we’re looking for fresh people like you!

Apply Today!

Before hitting submit, please check all details above are accurate. If you have attached a resume to your application, please be patient when hitting submit as it could take considerably longer. Thank you!