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Own your own PicnicPicnics are more fun when shared!

Own your own Picnic

We are proud of what we’ve created, and if you love Picnic as much as we do, now is your opportunity to open one of your own! We handle all the start up work for you and hand you a turn key location for you to start working for yourself!

We won’t let just anyone own a Picnic, so spend a few minutes telling us why you think you would represent us and help us grow Picnic to be the best fast casual brand in North America!

Are you thinking why me?????

  • Why not own your own Picnic?
  • Dreaming of a Picnic?
  • We’re growing! Why not grow with us?

We won’t just let anyone have a Picnic! Fill out our contact form below with some background on yourself and why we think we should share our Picnic with you? It’s important you represent the brand that we hold so dear to our hearts. Send us your contact!

Apply Today!

Before hitting submit, please check all details above are accurate. If you have attached a resume to your application, please be patient when hitting submit as it could take considerably longer. Thank you!